Many years ago I set down the criteria defining my “Ideal Business”.

As you can see by the criteria (below), I set the bar very high indeed….in fact I set it so high that I was beginning to think that it may be impossible to achieve a business that satisfies all the criteria, but persistence finally paid off, because eventually technology caught up and we were able to find all the elusive elements we had been searching for, and now we have the blueprint for creating businesses which meet all of the criteria below.

We are very excited by what we have and now we can help others enjoy the benefits of creating their own “Ideal Business”.

Checkout the list below and see if you get excited as we are by the possibilities…

The Criteria…


  • Product offering must be highly attractive to customers
  • Products are unique and deliver genuine benefit to customers
  • Business must sustain a high customer retention rate
  • Products are consumable and such that the majority of people will consume them every month
  • Customers will return for repeat business at least monthly (ie high reorder rates)
  • Products can be sold profitably at very competitive prices
  • There is significant, mutual life-time value in the customer/business relationship


  • Plenty of market upside potential
  • Capitalises on growth trends in the market
  • Potential international growth opportunities
  • There is scope to be entrepreneurial
  • No education or age requirements limiting or preventing me operating the business
  • I can use the power of the internet to gain leverage
  • Cumulative success potential – the business has potential for continual, natural growth, year after year


  • The business can be systemised with proven, efficient systems
  • There are effective processes for attracting, retaining and servicing customers
  • Once a customer is established they reorder without the need for personal reselling
  • Practical training and support readily available if required
  • Flexibility – I can run the business part-time so I have time to do other things
  • I can run the business with minimal staff


  • Doesn’t require large capital investment
  • Business does not require me to “mortgage the home” to set up or run
  • My investment of time and money can be effectively and efficiently leveraged


  • Risk level near zero
  • It is legal and ethical
  • Structure is fair and equitable to all stakeholders
  • Involved with associates of high integrity
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is non seasonal and non faddish
  • It is inflation resistant
  • It is recession resistant
  • No territorial limitations
  • Products/business have unique IP that restricts the ability of competitors to win customers away.
  • All essential suppliers are established, financially stable and professionally excellent.
  • There are no material insurance or compliance risks
  • Business has many customers and is not vulnerable to any one customer or group of customers


  • Produces consistent profit from very low overheads
  • Yeilds excellent returns for my investment
  • I can create a stable recurring income that significantly exceeds anything I could earn as an employee
  • Profits are based on repeat business with satisfied, loyal customers
  • I am rewarded in relation to my effort with no limit to my income earning potential
  • I can create a lasting legacy that is transferable to my family
  • It provides all the advantages and benefits of business ownership but without all the usual risks
  • Allows me to travel for business and pleasure
  • The satisfaction of working in a business that genuinely makes a difference and enhances the lives of people

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